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ramblings from a not-warped mind!

November 27th, 2011

in and out...maybe I should also return @ 08:16 pm

One of the reasons I stopped posting here was because a "free" account I would get all sorts of strange replies to my posts...

But I guess it's pretty easy to write in two places at once so maybe I should see how easy it is to transfer my recent post which I composed in a word document at home - cut/paste.

July 16th, 2011

weeks seem so busy @ 05:32 pm

Since I last wrote the week has dashed by...

I went somewhere away from local arena everyday bar Monday and Thursday...at least 3 of those days to do with textiles.

However, on Wednesday I went further out West - deep down a long, long road. To catch up with an elderly friend, I haven't seen for a long, long time. It was a darn cold day and looking across the bush covered valley was as far as I got as we usually go for a long walk.

Also on Tuesday I got my first penalty automatic fine when I forgot to tag off my HOP (bus system) on the way there. I was busy worrying about getting off the bus I completely forgot. I have since found out how I managed only to get a small (1stage) fine - it depends on how many stages there until the end of the route. Still it was a bummer...

Friday was supposed to be the last day for me personally at Uni when I would return my locker key and swipe card and then go pick up the essay from the last paper.

Everything went fine until the last item above...I still don't have it and the reason proffered by the reply to my email is unfathomable! I may well get it posted to me next week as I wasn't going to be going anywhere in that vicinty for at least another month (during the weekdays).

The only big fly in the ointment this week was the non-result that my good buddy got for his now 3rd/not passed last paper. We started on the same day, met at orientation, discovered we both lived out west. The only difference was that he was full time and by rights he should have finished before me. Now I'm all done and he is still at the schoolyard. I feel so disheartened for him...

But I must concentrate on my succes and even though it is approx 2 weeks since last and final mark am still stoked! :-)

So over the next 2 weeks I have few things on my agenda; hopefully I can begin in earnest to sort up stuff; bump stuff; concentrate on a few outstanding craft/textile type things...

July 9th, 2011

It's Broken, My current Fav one! @ 05:10 pm

Because I have invisible disabilities that only ever really trip me up at times when I least it expect I have adopted certain procedures that I rarely change

But today because 'baking 201' didn't quite go to plan and I had to make one batch of cookies in the morning and then just now (baking in oven) create the olive oil fruit loaf later - I HAD TO WASH UP MANY MORE DISHES

And because I still need to cook dinner - can't eat cake! Well I could but I've already imbibed a few cookies, more than I should have :-)

I decided to wash up excess dishes including general food plates...

Usually what I do is leave everything to dry before I attempt to put away but just in last 30mins have

BROKEN MY CURRENT FAV CEREAL BOWL - dropped onto the floor whilst drying it...slipped away to the vinyl - DAMN!!!

I do have another bowl but it's got a chip in the rim and will more than likely end up broken real soon as well - I didn't chip it a flatmate did...

On the other hand - the cookies were a success a friend popped in and I offered coffee and cookies and she they were damn fine. The fruit loaf smells lovely so that will be ok...

I was going to make pizza tonight but I think I will leave that until tomorrow and give my shaky hands recovery time...

July 8th, 2011

Application to Graduate - the big TICK @ 03:43 pm

Even though I have known for a few days that I had passed muster/grade with the last paper, I was still afraid that somehow it wouldn't be the final thing.

Today, I had a bit of extra time up my sleeve and I went to Arts Student Centre to make sure AND I AM ELIGIBLE

So now I have gone one step further and applied to Graduate which has apparently (according to computer system) been accepted...I will be notified later on, on matter pertaining to that day! Aroundabout the 20th September.


Also this week I have given myself the initial graduation present of the tripod for my digital camera and I basically know how that works...just have to work through the instruction book on the different modes that I never new existed or that I could work with...

A friend took me to lunch yesterday and let me chose a new sweater to replace my schoolyard one and then ended up with a bunch of hothouse Spring bulbs as well :-)

Yipee...moving closing to finishing this long involved challenge!

July 3rd, 2011

Fabulous Week (gone) @ 10:25 am

OK nothing was startling as such but for me it was both splendid and astonishing in some ways.

On Tuesday I went on a major food shopping expedition with a trusty chauffeur. I have done this a few times especially when the system at home starts gliding downwards in stock levels but also this time was for a slightly different reason.

Now that I'm not required (well at the moment) to be anywhere basically every day I need to eating interesting foods. Over the last few years, I have eaten ok but more for nutrition of the day rather than a variety of interesting items. So I made a pact with myself that I would re-master and learn some new things that would make life interesting for my body, my tummy and me :-)

So many of the items I purchased are for that foray into recipe books and other things. On the very 1st afternoon because I was going out with the same chauffeur I reacquainted myself with a muffin recipe I have made before and the 6 eaters in the evening (inc me) enjoyed the fruits of that baking session.

Since then I have made a few other things including a bulk lot of vegetable soup - some which is in the freezer :-)

Wednesday I had a sole-girls-day-out and enjoyed rambling around looking at mainly bakeware because some of mine needs upgrading. I just wanted to get an idea on what was available

Friday I first entered an online quick competition - unravelling a binary code and came up (with help of online translator) what I thought the answer was and I WON A VOUCHER TO SPEND AT ONLINE STORE! Nice one. Then I went to see a friend at his work place for a bit of lunch and catch up...we have communicated by email but hadn't seen one another since mid April - life just runs away at times.

Saturday was indeed the last day of seeing what my film might be like and it is now in the hands of professional editors who will make the sounds, the voices, pictures all come together. The public viewing will not be until late August at which time I will get a personal DVD of my own. At that point I will put it up somewhere for private viewing online.

Also on Saturday, I had a question answered about my digital camera which in someways was great and not so good. When I bought a friend had said "you can only do this because of your disabilities" and I had believed it was point/shoot!

It's NOT...if I buy a TRIPOD it will extend into all sort of things...but time will tell if I can master it all :-) If I had known what it could have done; I may have done this film above differently but then again it's pretty OK the way it has been done!!

So I am looking forward to the coming week...when I'm certain many other things will be happening. Life is good at the moment. Even the rain and damp has disappeared. Even though there is sun - there is still a basic chill - it's still WINTER!

June 27th, 2011

Up, Down and some Roundabout @ 02:49 pm

Although I do not live in an area where snow lies abandoned all around, I still get mighty cold from time to time. According to the weather guru on the radio we are in for a somewhat icy blast from the Southern Artic continent and the snow fields are going to be fully into which white fluff. This far up all we get it the cold wind that forgets to stop off at the mountains!

So it's layers of warm stuff and portable heating in whatever room I'm destined to be; more layers on the bed as well...

MyFilm has been resolved as it was supposed to be by Saturday but still the IT/stuff at Unitec was plagued by gremlins so not all that much is streaming yet. I did however read my voice overlay text so some progress occured.

We have just learnt by email that the last session is w/end will be about us handing over our ideas to be finished by MIC and Unitec IT staff. That means I have to sit with my pictures and words and decide how I want it be edited down to...something I'm not really sure is doable but time will tell.

I learnt from Saturdays session that because I have difficulty with drag-drop-cut that editing is not s skill that will be easy for me ever again unless they make software that is 'me' friendly. Which I doubt is on any geeks mind! So if I ever do this again; I will plan, direct, shoot, record voice but everything else will be done for me so that I do not get behind or stressed...

It was interesting because the IT guy thought I was getting stressed because of the above problems but in fact I wasn't - he kept saying things like "loosen up" - oops this is my invisible disability and you can't see it either!!

It taught me alot as I have said but it also taught me about preceived values of others both IT, disabled and non-disabled...the usual story


No results from Uni paper - now been advised not until about end of next week - not that it's bothering me! Starting to enjoy life outside the schoolyard - working slowly toward what comes next!

June 22nd, 2011

Film woes, of my making @ 08:37 am

Why is it that when you make a relatively hard decision it begins to unravel when you least expect it?

As I pondered the making of the text overlay for my film, I realised it didn't really adress to the audience what I was trying to portray


Have to have it resolved by Saturday as we are definitely going to be past the end of things at the conclusion of that session...

What seems to have happened is that after I decided to be less funny/entertaining it down into the secret path of non-revealing...

Now I'm going to try and get back to a middle path with some light hearted stuff and some of the secret path of knowledge revealed...

June 18th, 2011

Moving up the computer chain with film @ 02:58 pm

Last night it poured with rain, seemed quite heavy around midnight...

This morning, ground wet but no rain as such. It was relatively black looking on the Waitakere Ranges so I took my trusty raincoat. This being week 4 of the film process. By the time I got to Pt. Chev (Chevalier) it was nice and sunny and the coat was over my arm.

Arrived at the computer suites at Unitec was easily accomplished, I had checked it all out during the week...


things didn't go as planned...not just for me but for everyone involved and especially the poor IT staff onsite. somehow it appeared from general conversation that the 'best laid plans of mice and men' had somehow gone 'feral'

we spent a lot of time, sitting and waiting for action...and the tech staff roamed about trying this and that; calling people. It's a Saturday so only a skeleton staff available.

Finally about 11.20 things began to happen at least for the guy who was give an overview of the programme to be used: Final Cut Pro. We got underway and then other IT people were roaming in/out/around us...

Then that was abandoned the overview as obviously something wasn't right and we were all directed at around 11.50 to retire to the onsite staff room where we could eat/drink/talk to ourselves. Which we did!

When we returned, we were informed that we would be shifting rooms so we had to pack up everything and shift, bugger! We got into another computer suite and things did start to happen...but time was marching on and all we managed to achieve was opening Final Cut Pro and importing our images into it. Nothing else!!

We couldn't do any voice overlay recording because something was wrong there...We couldn't save any of our film images to the Unitec hard drive system because of some technical oversight...

So we saved it all back to our memory sticks; packed up and left for the day! (our day was supposed to be full-on 10-1pm)

Hopefully next week will be better...I need to reshoot a couple of my pictures that is OK - it was good to see what they will look like in the programme (even if there is still a lot to do!!).

My hands did not behave and I had to be helped...but that was on the cards anyways :-) If I hadn't been having to rush, it probably would have been fine, also using a computer I'm not familar with a MAC didn't help...

Arrived back at New Lynn via bus and it was pouring with rain..so I did need my trusty raincoat after all! Sun has now returned...weird weather.

Have a great day...I will now try to dewind and so on

June 12th, 2011

Mixed Blessings @ 09:24 am

There was less rain yesterday for my big journey that involves 2 buses there and back...I suggested to the weather guru that he only rain when on one of those journeys. Which meant he has about 30mins each time! He basically obligued and by the time I came back to the city it was much clearer but more chilly...

The film team that are helping to make MyFilm were very impressed with what I achieved last week...with the digi-stills that I had set up with props. Sometimes not with the exact props but I had apparently been imaginative...

I still need to do more picture this week and I need to be partially in one of them...so a friend is coming on Tuesday to do that. We have to move a big prop into a slightly different format but that is doable because it is only a 2-seater couch...heaven knows how much fluff will under it!

I also need to line the pictures up with my overlay text - although one or two things won't be there because they need to be created at the film studio - so a box with info needs to be at those word-spaces. I have to practice reading the text so that on next Sat when they record the voice over, it goes as well as possible.

As I was leaving the meeting one of them, said "after Uni you might like to consider making more films, as you obviously have a talent, that probably comes through your artistry background. We are impressed on your train of thought to set up props/pictures and as for your word play that is most impressive"

I was a little stunned but also quite chuffed!

That is certainly something to consider...especially as I wasn't overly sure most of last week if I was doing anything right. I hadn't actually been told how to create everything; I was going to get someone else to do it, who had knowledge but they let me down - twice SO I JUST GO IN AND DID WHAT I THOUGHT MIGHT WORK :-) :-)

June 10th, 2011

Wet Weather - :-( @ 07:29 pm

I really needed to get a few more shots for the movie

But I woke to rain

Rain and wet pavements would not be wise especially if I was shooting pictures and not concentrating.

But I did rewrite the overlay rap text to suit how I have changed things...due to something beyond my control (as mentioned yesterday)

I also have almost completely my academic essay - just need to shift literature production at that time into and mangle a conclusion...that will be completed on Sunday to hand in Monday morning...

Tomorrow me and my digi-story board will be rechecked by the Image Director so I will report back maybe tomorrow evening...


ramblings from a not-warped mind!