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ramblings from a not-warped mind!

February 5th, 2010

Achievements + usual Opinions @ 07:22 pm

Sometimes I get into bed at night and wonder - what exactly did I achieve today! Then I remember that although I have list a mile long, I usually manage 2 things per day which is absolutely fine :-)

At the moment it's mostly paperwork:

Yesterday managed to put all the figures into one sector of each stock type for the main Treasurer/Auditor but after I had pushed send realised that we only had 22kg of one item not 227kg! Moved the decimal point somehow.

Also yesterday another marathon with the online grocery website and got most of the things on my list inserted into the 'trolley' but couldn't make a decision on which bacon brand I wanted so left that and a couple of other things off the list. It's easy to 'look' at the front of the package online but not so easy to decide, like cans if they are tear top! I can only cope with tear top at this point in time. OK, the bacon isn't in a tear top anything!

The grocery order arrived this morning and I got the guy to bring it into the kitchen which made it easier for me to unpack...one of the packages of 'crusty cheese topped bread rolls' wasn't there so I phone the Customer Care service and my account will be in credit next time I use it! My freezer (which is now in kitchen) has more than 4 tortillas now...so that's good but there is still a lot of space for many other things!! My pantry is well stocked with some things, I hardly ever buy because they are heavy packaging.

I went to the local store and picked up bacon - not a packet but from the deli (I know there is deli section online so maybe I should have looked there). Also a few other things that I didn't buy online - nothing heavy though :-)

My friend Spence came to assemble the new basic computer desk but when he got to the very last step - putting the sliding keyboard tray in the side-pieces collapsed spilling ball bearings every which way AND as hard as he tried the bits wouldn't go back in! Not sure now what to do...will ask John if he knows how to fix it. Otherwise, the shop will be sending someone out to look at the problem :-(

The paperwork that I need to have all filled in for next week meant I had to phone WINZ freephone and ask them what I needed to supply to do with heating/power costs. Apparently between 6-12mths! I pay online, so I looked at whether I could download just a 'transaction history' and ended up calling the freephone for G******. Who kindly said they could email me that as one sheet, probably by Monday. I said "as long as it's here by then as I need it the next day" - well within a few hours it was here. now printed off for WINZ records.

It actually made interesting reading especially the 'invoice dates' - this is a monthly account and most of the dates are totally different! i.e. 14/1, 9/12, 6/11 etc...but also in Nov there was a change in the type of meter @ the box/home end so there is really strange period of monies!

I don't know how WINZ will work out what I'm entitled to but no doubt they have some sort of system...

Yesterday, I had a lovely call from one of my new freecycling friends who is interested in Ethnomusicology as well. He had been somewhere, where he got into a heated discussion on the origins of rap and he knew I was interested in this genre. He also wanted to have the contact details for the lecturer at Uni who is a specialist in this area. So we had a fairly long discussion ourselves on the blower! I really enjoy talking with people about the subject :-)

Tomorrow is Waitangi Day in NZ - it's a very political scenario here but for me it will be a great afternoon listening to local bands out at Henderson...what John Key (PM) and his band of merry men get up to is their business! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waitangi_Day


Until next time, have a great day wherever ye may roam
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Date:February 8th, 2010 02:16 am (UTC)

making lists

One of the big advantages of making a list and crossing things off is at the end of the day we can see that we actually did get something done. :)

Cheerful Monk
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Date:February 8th, 2010 04:49 am (UTC)

Re: making lists

the main stream list is continuous but in fact - the floor space is becoming just that "floor"

This weeks list (it's Monday evening) already has some ticks.

ramblings from a not-warped mind!